Collection: Pride Is All Year

Welcome to Glittering Moonlight's Pride Merch Collection — an inclusive, vibrant celebration of love, diversity, and authenticity!

Owned and operated by a proud POC woman who is also a member of the LGBT+ community, this collection is born from a place of genuine understanding and passion. Our Pride line is a tangible embodiment of our shared experiences, struggles, and triumphs, designed to not only show off our unique identities but also leave a lasting impact on society.

Highlighted Items in our Collection:
    Apparel: Reflect your pride with our diverse selection of unequivocally made apparel, including t-shirts, hoodies, and caps that communicate our message of acceptance, love, and pride.
    Accessories: Carry a piece of your identity wherever you go with our assortment of accessories, such as vibrant pins, badges, and bracelets among others.
    Home Décor: Infuse your space with the spirit of Pride with our colorful selection of posters, mugs, flags, and more.
    One-of-a-kind Creations: We offer unique, handcrafted items that illustrate our dedication to the Pride movement and the support towards our community.
Our collection is built on the foundation of promoting visibility, acceptance, and equality for everyone. We aim to empower and welcome everybody, irrespective of their identity or orientation, as we champion positive change.

Thank you for supporting Glittering Moonlight and standing with us in solidarity. Your purchase is not just a fashion statement, but a part of a stronger movement towards inclusivity and respect. Celebrate Pride all year round with Glittering Moonlights's Pride Merch Collection!

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