About Us

Hello, my name is Hope (She/Her). I'm the photographer and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. I am keen on establishing a diverse and inclusive atmosphere in both photography and merchandise. In addition to offering you galleries and images of the highest caliber, I also want to present you with a distinctive range of goods that match well with my photography business. I am completely devoted to photography and am constantly working to increase my knowledge and abilities. I pledge to go above and beyond your expectations if you entrust me with capturing those priceless moments for you.

I used to enjoy photographing unguarded moments when I was younger. I currently work as a photographer, bookkeeper, marketing manager, social media manager, and customer service representative for the New Jersey-based company Glittering Moonlight. My journey has prompted me to grow my business by establishing a merch company that offers unique designs inspired by my photographs and love for my community.

My first love is photographing cosplay. Being able to truly understand my clients' demand for creative expression and the art of self-transformation because to my personal experiences and expertise of cosplay. In addition to photographing cosplayers, I also like to capture the strange and unusual, the dark and beautiful, and anything spooky. During my free time, I'm either traveling or binge-watching crime programs while drinking hot chocolate. Reach out to me if you think I'm your cup of cocoa!

I am committed to assisting you in making your idea a reality as a POC woman-owned business, whether it be through photography or our unique merchandise. Together, let's recognize your story's originality.